Mind and Body
for Placentia
by Sarah Scutt and Johanna Olsson
Johanna and Sarah first met Susan in November 2002 after she had contacted Trinity College of Music, in search of female composers for an exhibition in conjunction with International Women's Day.

Viewing some of her previous exhibitions, they instantly felt the desire to collaborate. With nothing but the theme of Placentia to work from, artist and composers worked without contact for three months. On meeting again in February, they were struck by the philosophical and artistic similarity in their work
The composers themselves wrote the whole work as a joint composition. This rather unusual situation worked surprisingly well in supporting and developing each other's ideas.

The work is based on the Female and is divided into two sections: the Mind and the Body.

For one piano with two players.
This movement is based on a poem by the Swedish poet Karin Boje. Both rhythm, pitch and
mood are derived from this poem, describing the male's supposed preoccupation with
superficial beauty.  Click here to listen to an extract  (1 min 36 secs; 343KB)
Du sokte en blomma
Och fan en frukt

Du sokte en kalla
Och fan ett hav

Du sokte en kvinna
Och fan en sjal

Du ar besviken
You searched for a flower
And found a fruit

You searched for a spring
And found a sea

You searched for a woman
And found a soul

You are disappointed

For two live Bb clarinets and compact disc.
An entirely programmatic work charting the development of the female from puberty to motherhood.  Its collage of textures and soundscapes are designed particularly to be absorbed whilst viewing the paintings.
Click here to listen to an extract. (1 min 27secs; 343KB)
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