by Christopher Willis
My Soliloquy is oriented towards a live performance rather than the recording in the gallery.  The theme of madness has been close at hand for a number of collaborations now; here I have tried to produce a disjointed outburst on the edge of coherence.  Do we treat the styles which rush by as jokes, or are we emotionally drawn into them?  Do they sound like they belong together or do they seem to be quotations or memories drawn from elsewhere?  (Nothing in the piece is actually a quotation, I should add).  Can we make sense of the piece as a whole (with a beginning, a middle and an end) when it is so un-"whole"?  Do we know when to clap?  These are urgent questions:  there is widespread feeling that new art and music are becoming weak and meaningless as a direct result of being repeatedly "liberated" from their old patterns.  I should like to dedicate this pieces to Susan Haire and Frank Hinks, in appreciation of all the time and energy they have put into our collaborative projects.
Christopher Willis
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